I can be contacted in the following ways;

Facebook:Zoe Lee. I am nearly always on there so if you are passing and want to add me then please feel free. If you send me messages there I should be able to respond quickly as my iPhone is permanently logged in!

Twitter: @zobo_cop. Again my iPhone is permanently logged in and if you don’t mind random things being tweeted by myself as statuses then please, feel free to add me!

Email: zoelee187@hotmail.com 

I do love to read, and would be more than willing to review copies of books, either physical or digital (Kindle), copies. I will never ask for payment in return for my views as I would be getting a free book out of it – which is payment in itself! All reviews will be featured on this blog as well as on Amazon.

Any authors/publishers out there interested in running giveaways on my blog then please do not hesitate to get in touch!


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  1. Well that’s my next book sorted after reading your review of Destined to Play! I read the 50 shades trilogy in 4 days (not much housework got done whoops lol). Xxx

  2. I’d be happy to give you a copy of Once Removed to review, if you’re interested. Here’s the blurb:

    Suspecting self-harm, newly qualified teacher, Abriella Garside, risks everything for a troubled pupil. An incident with a craft knife and unexplained injuries are not enough to secure help for the girl. Unsure whether Beth is being bullied or has problems at home, Abby tries to win her trust and the two begin a friendship. But has the teacher gone too far?

    In the midst of Abby’s own complicated life, Beth disappears. Rumour and suspicion ignite, fanned into an inferno with Abby at its heart.

    Two lives hang in the balance.

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