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Arnie’s Intro!


So in my ‘welcome’ post I mentioned that I have a puppy called Arnie! He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and his first birthday is in November!

My gorgeous, very spoilt, puppy!

His Likes:

Playing fetch, well not really fetch seeing as he never brings the ball to you and on the rare occasions that he does he never gives you the ball to throw for him! You have to bribe him first!

Cuddles with his (human) mommy and daddy! Daddy more than mommy though!

Chasing his tail!

Food! Especially apples!

People – or anyone willing to stroke him!

Long walks!

Golf balls!

His Dislikes:

Bathtime! He sits in the bath tub looking at you all sad – like he is the most hard done to little doggy in the world! He gets his revenge though by shaking all the water off of him – onto everything around him!

Birds! We have a robin redbreast that visits us in our garden and for some strange reason Arnie has taken a great dislike to the bird! Poor Robin!

The dreaded hoover! He goes wild as soon as he sees me get the hoover out, running round in circles barking!

I will be sure to keep you all updated with his amusing, sometimes naughty, antics!