Lucie Simone


Here on the blog today with have a question and answer session with the fabulous Lucie Simone.

Tell us about yourself

I’m a Chick Lit author, a girly girl, a yogi, a vegetarian, a bookworm, a film fan, and an animal lover. I live in Los Angeles with three (yes, three!) cats and I have a great fondness for New York City.

What inspired you to write Picture Perfect?

After completing my first novel, Hollywood Ending, about life in Hollywood for the not-so-rich-and-famous, in which the characters are all struggling to finally get that big break, I wanted to write about the other side of Hollywood and explore the worlds of those who have actually made it in showbiz. Having been in and around the entertainment industry for a long time, I have a bit of an insider’s view, and let me tell you, it isn’t all glitz and glamour. It’s a very stressful industry and everyone’s career is always at stake. Add in the gossip and backstabbing that is so prevalent in showbiz, and you’ve got a great premise for a Chick Lit Mystery!

Lauren is quite a sassy, fun individual. Are your characters based on anyone you know or real life situations you have encountered?

Lauren is a little bit like me (except I think I am a little less neurotic than she is and I’m nowhere near a size 6!). Alan, Lauren’s despicable soon-to-be-ex-husband is loosely based on a producer I once worked for (and I’m so glad I no longer do!). Justine is inspired by a very good friend of mine, a poet who lives in New York and introduced me to the best chocolate truffles on the planet. And a great guy I used to work with at a theater company served as the inspiration for Giles. The situations in the book are mostly straight out of my imagination, but some of the places Lauren goes are definitely based on my own experiences, such as Spago, the bowling alley where Jack’s mom works, the spa, and, yes, even the Timeless Television offices!

If you were stuck on a desert island, what would be the 3 things you would have to take with you that you couldn’t live without?

Number one would be my cats. I can’t imagine life without a cat. Yes, I’m a crazy cat lady. Number two would probably be sunscreen. I’m fair-skinned and would burn to a crisp the first day. Number three, I think, would have to be my Kindle. Hopefully, the battery won’t die before I’m rescued!

Finally, what was the last book you read?

I recently finished Spin by Catherine McKenzie. I highly recommend it! Right now, I’m reading Overseas by Beatriz Williams. I’ve only just started it, but I can tell it’s going to be a winner. I also met Beatriz at a book signing in July and she is absolutely wonderful!

Lucie has kindly agreed to supply one copy of Picture Perfect to one lucky winner over on the competition page. Why not head over and check it out?



About zobocopreviews

My name is Zoe – or Zobocop as my adorable niece and nephew call me! You guys can call me either lol – I answer to both! I have a gorgeous little puppy called Arnie who keeps me, or at least is trying to, keep me fit! I currently live with my other half in not so sunny Sheffield! I’m 25 years old and I absolutely LOVE reading! It’s a passion of mine! You can’t beat a good old book, digital or physical! There’s nothing better when life is tough or you want to escape, than to turn the pages of a book and completely lose yourself in the story! I love most genres such as criminal thrillers, mystery and fantasy – but I do LOVE chick lit! Anyway, the aim of this blog is to keep you guys, and myself, up to date with what I am reading. This is currently just a hobby of mine but eventually I would love to review books seriously. So – any questions feel free to drop me a line! You can also follow me on Twitter @zobo_cop

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