Catching The Sun – Tony Parsons


Just how badly do you want to find paradise?

When Tom Finn is almost jailed for confronting two burglars in his own home, this taxi driver takes his young family to live on the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand.

Phuket is all the Finn family dreamed of – a tropical paradise where the children swim with elephants, the gibbons sing love songs in the jungle, the Andaman Sea is like turquoise glass and this young family is free to grow.

But both man-made disaster and the unleashed forces of nature shatter this tropical idyll for Tom Finn’s family.

CATCHING THE SUN is a gripping, moving story of a family who go in search of Paradise – and end up discovering themselves.

When I was asked to review this book I jumped at the chance. My grandad lives in Thailand and so I don’t get to see him often, in fact I can’t remember the last time I saw him (thank God for Skype!). I wanted to review/read this book as I felt it would help me feel just that little bit closer to my grandad.

Catching the sun centres on the Finn family who haven’t had the easiest of times in the UK. Tom Finn will do anything to protect his young family and when two burglars choose his house to target, he doesn’t think twice in taking matters into his own hands and protecting his family.

A lot of people will have different views on this matter, but I for one found myself applauding and sympathising with Tom when faced with the two burglars. I didn’t think he was a bad person for his actions and felt he was further penalised for his actions when convicted at Court, he loses his job and only source of income for his family.

However before he is forced to quit his job of driving wealthy clients to and from their many destinations, he is propositioned by one of his clients who offers him and his family the chance of a lifetime, to move to Thailand and start again.

However Tom’s new life comes at a cost, which almost tears his family apart.

I have to say that I did feel a bit sorry for Tom, his choice to move to Thailand was an amazing opportunity for him and his family, however nothing in life is free as he soon finds out.

My favourite characters throughout the book have to be Tess, Tom’s adoring wife. She is a teacher desperate for her children to have the kind of life she never had growing up. I loved her genteel nature and her ability to never let a tough situation overcome her. She is a tough cookie and balances out Tom perfectly. I also loved Tom and Tess’ neighbours, Mr and Mrs Botan. Mrs Botan welcomes her neighbours with open arms, helping out with food and the like, whilst Mr Botan reserves judgement until he has fully assessed the young family. He does come around and the two families start to bond and when tragedy strikes at Mr and Mrs Botan’s family business down on the beach, Tom doesn’t hesitate before lending a helping hand to the old couple.

Like any book this has its fair share of dark and evil people with funny, serious, tender and honest moments.

This book is definitely one to read and I don’t want to give too much detail away, you will have to find out for yourself how Tom’s story unfolds. Will he and his family survive on the island or will his family be torn apart?!

Tony Parsons has an amazing ability to set the scenes perfectly within the pages and I soon found myself lost within the story, desperate to find out what happens next and reluctant to leave the searingly hot sands of Hat Nai Yang beach! Grab your copy and be prepared to be catapulted into paradise!

My Rating:  

Catching the sun is available both in digital and physical copies here


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