TAKEN – Jacqui Rose


‘All she wanted to do was get out of there. Get on a train and head for London, the place she’d been avoiding for so many years. But it was finally time.’

Casey Edwards has demons to put to rest. Since she had to give away her baby at 15, she’s been lost in booze and bad company. But now she wants to find her child and put things right. Heading to Soho, Casey meets former gangster Vince Sadler, an old-school hard man who can still handle himself – and anyone else. There’s a spark between Vince and Casey but she can’t let herself get hurt, not again.

To find the truth, Casey must enter the dark world of London’s gangland: hard drugs, vice, even people trafficking. Soon she discovers that mob boss Alfie Jennings and sadistic psycho Oscar Hardings are plotting something dangerous, something brutal. Something that puts Casey – and her child – in serious trouble . . .

Full of strong women, devious gangsters and compelling twists, Taken is compulsive read perfect for fans of Jessie Keane and Roberta Kray.

I was looking through my recent Kindle purchases and fancied a bit of a change from Chick Lit and so decided I would give this a try.

This is Jacui Rose’s debut novel and I have to say I was gripped from the start! The book focuses on Casey who as youngster was forced to put her baby up for adoption by her parents. The book centres around her journey of self discovery and also around Casey’s attempt to find the baby she put up for adoption.

Vince was an extremely likeable character, although he was a gangster – he had a heart and really cared for those around him, including Casey. While he came across as a big softy, but not someone I would want to double cross as Oscar Harding soon finds out!

I don’t want to give to much away but fans of authors such as Martina Cole will LOVE this book!

It was an easy read but had me hooked from the get go! I found myself really racing through the book as I was desperate to know if Casey did found her baby, was the baby alive, did the baby want to get to know Casey.

I couldn’t help feel sorry for Casey throughout the book, she was a little misunderstood and very mistrusting of people, but flashbacks of her past explain the her reasons behind this!

I will definitely read another of Jacqui Rose’s books! Brilliant!

My rating: 

For a short period only this book is available for your Kindle at a limited low price of £1.99. Physical copies are also available here


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My name is Zoe – or Zobocop as my adorable niece and nephew call me! You guys can call me either lol – I answer to both! I have a gorgeous little puppy called Arnie who keeps me, or at least is trying to, keep me fit! I currently live with my other half in not so sunny Sheffield! I’m 25 years old and I absolutely LOVE reading! It’s a passion of mine! You can’t beat a good old book, digital or physical! There’s nothing better when life is tough or you want to escape, than to turn the pages of a book and completely lose yourself in the story! I love most genres such as criminal thrillers, mystery and fantasy – but I do LOVE chick lit! Anyway, the aim of this blog is to keep you guys, and myself, up to date with what I am reading. This is currently just a hobby of mine but eventually I would love to review books seriously. So – any questions feel free to drop me a line! You can also follow me on Twitter @zobo_cop

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