So as I was sat at work I suddenly had an idea – why not start a blog! I’m not sure whether this is going to turn out to be one of my better ideas yet – let me get back to you in a month or so!

Above you will see that I’m managing, just about, to juggle a few pages, it’s taking a bit of tweaking but please bare with me!

So, we have a page labelled ‘Reviews’, this is where all of my book reviews will be placed, as if you needed that spelling out to you!

There’s an ‘About’ page, this basically tells you a little about me and what I am about! There will be a ‘Contact Me’ page, for all you lovely people to get in touch with me and for any authors who wish me to review a copy of their book!

As my blog grows I am hoping that I can work alongside authors to feature giveaways to my lovely followers 🙂 fingers crossed


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  1. Hi Zoe! Thanks for following my blog, and I am so happy to find yours. Cool background. What a brilliant idea: keep blogging, keep writing. I’ll try and say hello when I can… XXX

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